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The Bronze Serpent - Numbers 21:1-9

29 May, 2022 Paul Clark

Should our method of salvation be to eliminate the enemy, or is there a better way? To love our enemy and eliminate the enemy within?

Paul Clark takes us on an amazing journey through Numbers 21. Something amazing is happening to Israel in the story through the bronze snake experience. Could it happen to you too? This is the first time that Israel as a nation repent to God - an amazing moment.

Snakes on a Plane, I mean, Snakes on a Plain!


Life from death - Numbers 20:1-29

22 May, 2022 Paul Clark

Paul Clark explores the confronting stories form Numbers 20 where Moses is told he won't make it into the Promised land.


Aaron's Staff - Numbers 17:1-11

15 May, 2022 Eric Lawson

Rev Eric Lawson explores the budding of Aaron's staff and what that says about grumbling, order, leadership and freedom.


Sin left unchecked - Numbers 15:22-41

1 May, 2022 Paul Clark

We're back in the book of Numbers 'finishing' our journey with the Hebrews, from slavery in Egypt to a new community in the Promised Land.

Numbers contains some of the most difficult stories in the scripture, stories that have seen people walk away from faith. Paul Clark helps us understand Numbers, and see it's relevance for us today as we journey towards our 'Promised Land' of the Community HUB.


Lord, open my eyes - Luke 24:13-35

24 April, 2022 Rev Helen Dick

Rev Helen Dick walks the Journey to Emmaus with those first two disciples.


Easter Sunday - Luke 24:1-43

17 April, 2022 Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs

Luke 24:1-12; 36-43

Easter Sunday at Redcliffe Uniting

Sunday 17 April 2022


Good Friday - Luke 23:26-49

15 April, 2022 Paul Clark

Come and journey through the profound event that many say is the central event of human history, the resurrection that empowers all resurrections.

Paul Clark brings a powerful reflection on how there is no life without sacrifice, something has to die for us to live. Not a message of death, but hope and life.

Easter, Ukraine, life.


Palm Sunday - Luke 19:27-44

10 April, 2022 Paul Clark

Have you ever considered Luke's version of Palm Sunday - I mean really considered. There are no Palm branches. One third of the story seems inexplicably all about sourcing the donkey, the context of the story is VERY confronting - death, destruction! And the Psalm the people quote from, have you looked at it?

Paul Clark looks at most of this and more and asks, 'Who will you choose as your King?'


Zaccheus - Luke 19:1-10

3 April, 2022 John James

John James brings us a great exploration of the famous story of Zaccheus.

What would Jesus find at your house?