Corona Virus

Corona Virus


15 March, 2020

Here is where you will read about the impact of Coronavirus on RUC - any events cancelled, etc. Last updated 9 April 2020.

Sunday Worship

- We're not closed - we're online! To join our online worship experience come here Sunday 9am - and click [right here](! You can actually come at anytime and join in.

In Recess or Online.

- All groups have gone into Recess or gone online. [Playgroup is online]( Jzone [Sunday school] is also 'at home'. Email to get the lessons.

- Many home groups are trying online, check with your leader.

- We have a Tuesday morning prayer meeting 8am on Zoom. All welcome. [Click here at 8am Tuesday](

General Information

- The office is physically closed - but you can still call. 3283 4066.

- To stay informed and cared for make sure we have your e-mail and phone number! email that information to

- Please stay at home and look after yourself.

- Don't forget to stay connected to God through prayer, bible reading, etc. We will be making regular contact and giving you lots of online options!

- Everyone has been given a Pastoral Caller - someone to keep in touch with you. Don't forget to call others.

- We have a small list of people who can go shopping or drop you off at the doctor - if you are a member of the church and need this help, give the office a call.

Financial Information

- Because we expect a financial impact on our giving we are putting replacing the Generations Pastor on hold until the virus has passed. If you have been giving to this fund, the money is being kept in a seperate account, and if you need to put your giving to the Gen Pastor on hiatus for the time being, that is understandable.

- If you can't get to church to give, you can give by clicking on the payments section.

- We are expecting that some of our staff will be taking some leave without pay if they can afford it.

- We know life will be tough financially for some of our members, other may have capacity to give. We want to help people as we can. If you are in need, approach us. If you can give click on Payments and give to Welfare.


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