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The Prodigal Son - Luke 15:11-32

27 March, 2022 Paul Clark

One of Jesus' most well known and beloved of parables. Have you even notices the servant/son motif in the story?

Paul Clark explores the story in a way that calls us home, and lets us know that we are welcome in the Father's heart. A very powerful message.


The Fox and the Hen - Luke 13:31-35

20 March, 2022 Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs brings us a message based on Luke 13:31-35, which contains a Fox and a Hen.


Bearing Fruit - Luke 13:1-9

13 March, 2022 Paul Clark

Paul Clark takes us on a journey through Luke 13 - where we meet some 'whataboutism' as the disciples try to avoid admitting their sins, and then are confronted by their fruitlessness.

Do we behave the same?


Greed - Luke 12:13-21

6 March, 2022 Paul Clark

Paul Clark explores the parable of the Rich fool, or perhaps the dumbest smart person in the context of world events. You really can't take it with you, so what will your life foundation be?


Servant Leadership - Luke 9:46-50

27 February, 2022 Paul Clark

In this powerful message Pastor Paul Clark looks at how Servant Leadership - or the lack of it - is affecting the world today [Ukraine, Russia, Putin, China], and why it must start on the ground with us.


New Beginnings - Luke 7:1-50

20 February, 2022 Paul Clark

Paul Clark takes us on a compelling journey through Luke 7, looking at it's connection to Luke 4 and the amazing unfolding new beginning that is being revealed for humanity.

Jesus is "Not that kinda Messiah" - but by the end of the Chapter we begin to see what type of Messiah he would be!


Luke's Sermon on the Mount - Luke 6:20-38

13 February, 2022 Paul Clark

Paul Clark takes you on a journey through Luke's 'gut-punch' version of the sermon on the Mount. A journey through the ages - quite literally.

Covering the 'culture wars' - think Citipointe and the Religious discriminations bill - Ukraine, Climate Change, turning the other cheek, cynicism, ageing, Cuban missile crisis, the nature of God, the Ten Commandments.


Simon Peter's Call - Luke 5:1-11

6 February, 2022 Paul Clark

We meet Simon Peter by the Lake as he tells us about his call to Follow Jesus and become a fisher of People.


God is doing a new thing

30 January, 2022 Paul Clark

Our Big theme for the year 2022 is God is doing a new thing. Wherever you look, change is coming. God is doing a new thing!

Join Paul Clark as he looks at our year ahead, and asks a really challenging question in all this - Why didn't Jesus rescue John from prison?