Come and Try

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23 June, 2020

Welcome to our new "Have a Go!" Portal

Here is where you can explore, try out, test, go deeper in the Christian Faith.

Jesus asked people to "follow him", to "have a go", "give it a try!" These people were called disciples. It seems Jesus thought the best way to find out if this Christianity is true, was to see if it worked!

In today's world you can do that online! You can walk with us online, and make personal contact when you are ready. We have amazing resources from around the world at our fingertips! So why do you 'have a go'?

Click on the topic below you are interested in...

  1. Explore Christianity/Overview
  2. Explore/understand the Bible.
  3. Who is Jesus? [Alpha Course].
  4. Find your Spiritual Gifts and Passions
  5. How do you talk to God?
  6. Who is the Uniting Church?
  7. One Minute Topics? Thought provoking one minute messages
  8. Podcasts - Listen to some hour long topics

We've just started this page - so come back often to find more or let us know what you are interested in!