24 August, 2019

Connecting the Generations

G'day everyone. We want to bring to you an exciting next step in the life of our Church. The Church Council have been working on preparing us to be mission ready for the HUB.

Given that we are seeking to be an Interactive, multi-generational, community connected church – at the Heart of the Peninsula, we want to strengthen two areas of our life and witness.

The first is our Small Group Ministry. Making Disciples is our first call as God’s people. We are all being made into Christ’s likeness. Having more coming into the life of the church, we need to strengthen this area of our life together.

This will grow us in three ways;

- Developing our current members as we grow in service

- Discipling those new to the faith

- Deepening our care of one another.

We look forward to more people growing deeper in faith and caring for one another in transforming ways.

The second area is the exploration, preparation and possible launch of a youth/young adults orientated worship service. We have a healthy youth group. We want to empower them to continue to grow into mature Christian adults.

We will be gathering a launch group, led by our Youth Worker, to spend 6 months investigating, praying, preparing and launching a young adults worship service. With a university opening just 15 minutes down the road, the time is right for us to make a space for young people to grow in Christ in our community.

As you can understand – we’re taking some big steps! Church Council see this as a whole of church project. That means, we need everyone to play a part in this.

Specifically – we're looking to expand our Youth Worker’s role by 7 hours a week, to make him half-time. We want people to pray. We will need people to join a launch team, and a support team – and to consider being part of a small group in the future!

We have five things we need to do as a community for Church Council to move ahead with this proposal. When we achieve these five things we move ahead! The five things are listed on the “Connecting Generations” sheet in the newsletter, which we’re asking you to take home, pray over, and return by Sept 22.

- We’re looking for at least 5 people to join the launch team. They will meet weekly to pray, research, visit, prepare and launch the youth service.

- We’re looking for a broader group of people who will commit to attending the new service when it starts, and maybe serving on the door, sound, music, etc for the first 6-12 months.

- We’re wanting people to pray.

- We’re looking for people who are interested in supporting the small group ministry work, and

- We’re looking for 21 people, families, groups or pairs who are willing to commit to give an extra, an extra,$10 a week for the next 2 years to make this happen.

And if you can’t do that you can buy a coffee and support in other ways.

The good news – before we’ve even launched, through Church Council and others we already have 8 of the twenty-one $10-a-week commitments. We’re almost half-way there!

However you can help I pray that you’ll join with us and church council to empower this next step with God. You can click on the link to give your response electronically.