23 January, 2022 @ 9:00 AM

Sunday Worship

NOTE: We have made the decision to worship online ONLY till Feb 20, 2022 - to avoid the Covid Surge!

Click the link below to watch!

Come and join us for Worship Sunday morning 9am!

We are worshipping both Online and Face to Face. You don't need to sign up to come just sign-in once you get here. If you are feeling unwell please join us online. Check with your doctor if you have an underlying heath issue. We have plenty of room to fit you in under the current Covid safe guidelines.

To access online worship click here. You should be able to find all our services, and the latest service!

23 January, 2022 @ 5:00 PM

RUC Picnic

Come join us this Sunday afternoon for an RUC family picnic! Bring your own food, snacks, soft drinks, picnic blanket and/or camp chairs. This is an opportunity for us to still meet in person, have fellowship together and discuss the sermon, but outside, in an open-air location. This is also a fun event to bring friends and family to. This is set to be a nice and relaxing afternoon. Please remember to social distance and if you are unwell, please stay home. Hope to see you there!