Gessi S

Submitted by Mory S on 22 January, 2021

Please pray for my health and healing of my illness, I need a miracle. And please pray for my another request too


Submitted by C on 19 January, 2021

Please can I ask you to pray all for me. I have had a lot of grief in both the workplace and personal life and I really need some deliverance.

I feel I have had a significantly hard time the last 4 years and I ask for you to pray for me to find a workplace I can stay with in government and not be subjected to bullying, I am attempting to transfer from a Dept and retain my perm position in government. I feel worthless at the moment as I keep having to leave jobs in gov due to bullying and I have not been okay to share with people as I feel embarassed that I keep being subjected to strife. I am the only christian in my workplace and it is too tough as I am a sheep among wolves and they are destroying me I feel.

I feel always having to leave the last few years, as I seem to get targeted. I am asking for help urgently for the lord to break the curse on my life that seems to be allowing myself to struggle ongoing with strife and hurt in the workplace. I am on personal leave broken from a colleague who has attempted to destroy me all in I was trying to lead her to jesus. I ask for God to intervene, heal me and restore my reputation and make a way to transfer to a new beginning, new job and a better environment and to deliver me from strife, bullying and toxicity. I am attending interviews and trusting god. Please also pray for my marriage to heal and restore

Help with back

Submitted by K on 12 January, 2021

My mum has a sore foot. I am in dire distress and pain from slipped discs and kidney and bowel and gall bladder stones and popped spine discs and torn discs. I have to go to hospital and I don’t want an operation. I need to go to sleep now. I need a husband to help me. I don’t have any help. I need a husband. I need to be a very good award winning multi millionnaire evangelist and actress serving God at all times and singer of worship and other music but nothing evil or bad.

broken family

Submitted by robert on 7 January, 2021

my wife is living separately with my son and daughter . day by day I'm getting Scared . no one talks with me Nor can i see them . i tried contacting them but got a threat from police . i don't know what to do , as i don't have anyone in Australia . I'm all alone . living in a rented room . fill with pain and depression.

Prayer for Protection and Healing

Submitted by Matthew p on 17 December, 2020

Please pray that no part of our group's lot/property will need to be expropriated anymore - and that the company pushing for this would stop their actions. Please also pray for personal healing from asthma, and for family members who just returned from a mission trip (that they would not be infected with COVID). Thank you and God bless.


Submitted by Toby Charles Mortlock on 16 December, 2020

Please pray with me that God would deliver me from the darkness that holds my cash hostage whilst I live on very little. I have given generously all over the world for Christ and have been faithful but now there is a satanic darkness holding me back and I really need a breakthrough from God to live on my own cash not on the very little I subsist on at the moment.

Prayer Requests

Submitted by Paul Clark on 26 January, 2019

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